Investment Strategy

How Gifts Are Managed

The Edinboro University Foundation is accountable to PennWest Edinboro, the Alumni Association, private benefactors, and the public. The Foundation is committed to managing and investing private gifts to the University with professionalism and integrity.

To accomplish this, the Foundation:

  • Accurately records receipts for tax purposes and acknowledges each gift;
  • Distributes all gifts directly to the University programs and colleges designated by the benefactors;
  • Invests endowed gifts to provide a perpetual source of income for the program or college of the benefactor's choosing.

Endowed gifts provide a dependable, perpetual source of income for a designated University program. 

The Foundation's endowment is managed by the Investment Committee, a sub-committee of the Foundation Board of Directors. The Investment Committee meets regularly to assess the endowment's performance and to make adjustments as needed to maximize the endowment's financial potential.

A management fee exists to cover a portion of Edinboro University Foundation operation expenses.