What is the Edinboro University Foundation?

The Edinboro University Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to provide support solely for the mission of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and its students, faculty, and staff.

As a private organization, the Foundation may invest in the full stock market and has a fiduciary responsibility to invest endowment and scholarship funds in a manner consistent with and responding to an ever-changing market. The Foundation's Finance and Investment Committees manage all donor contributions and invest in stocks, high grade bonds and other funds as provided in the full market.

The Edinboro University Foundation exists to promote the betterment and welfare of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, its students, faculty, staff, and alumni. There is a strong partnership between the Foundation and University and we work together to ensure that your gift makes a significant difference.

How will my contribution be used?

Private support is essential for Edinboro University of Pennsylvania to continue to be a premiere public education institution. The exceptional faculty, programs, and services available at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania reflect a continuing commitment to quality education.

There are many gift opportunities, including endowed scholarships, facility naming opportunities, as well as unrestricted donations to support programs that may otherwise not exist.

STUDENT ENDOWMENTS - No single area of growth more positively impacts the future of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania than endowed scholarships for students. Edinboro's endowments enable students to pursue a college education while reducing their financial burdens.

BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE - Gifts toward capital projects and improvements are investments in the academic mission of Edinboro University. Our campus is a great source of pride and we are privileged to be a regional asset. The restoration of Academy Hall and The Crawford Center for Health and Physical Education and Disability Resources are examples of campus buildings that are more than just spaces for teaching and learning; they help identify us as Edinboro University.

CULTURAL ENDOWMENTS - The Cultural Endowment Program promotes the active expansion of the University's renowned arts programs. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential by offering a supportive learning environment and encouraging our students toward a high level of accomplishment as artists and scholars.